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Best Place to Find a New Style
Royal Oak

By now everyone is sick of hearing how Ferndale is the new Royal Oak, but apparently there’s no substitute for the original, as once again the trendiest city in Michigan has garnered your pick for best place to clean up your shoddy, unhip look and get some world-class style. The Main Street drag is still your favored place to plunk down a hunk of change on the latest styles, whether your look is corporate chic, classic vintage flair or glam-rock love bunny. It’s one of the few areas where pedestrian traffic really thrives, encouraging lots of window-shopping and plenty of opportunities to spot local celebrities. The number of trendy, independent boutiques continues to flourish, providing fresher, hotter, spicier threads than the standard chain-store fodder. Plus you can feel good about supporting small, independent, local businesses. If your wallet is a bit strained, you can still cull mass amounts of fashion inspiration by simply grabbing a seat at your favorite coffeehouse on Main with your steaming, double, tall, skinny caffeine-free cappuccino (this is Royal Oak, after all) and people-watching. From the scrubby, pierced teens with bright-orange Mohawks, to the latest in European runway knockoffs being modeled by polished and pretty scenesters, to some of the outrageously flashy and skimpy evening attire favored by the clubbing contingent once night falls, you’re sure to find a nouveau look that you can try on for size. Or, if it’s your pad that’s in need of the makeover, there are plenty of nifty stores where you can spend hours browsing knickknacks, subtle living-room accents or an entirely new furniture ensemble. So what are you waiting for? Go discover your inner fabulosity that’s just dying to escape and do work it.

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