Madonna says nice things about Rochester Hills ... kind of

Who in Michigan could forget the media shitstorm that erupted back in March when Madonna went on Howard Stern's SiriusXM show and stated the obvious — that her hometown of Rochester Hills, Mich. wasn't exactly the best environment for an ambitious artist? 

(OK, her statements were decidedly more pointed than that. The exact phrase she used to describe her town was "basic, provincial-thinking people." And asked why she didn't return home, even after getting raped in a Manhattan apartment, Madonna responded, "Have you ever been to Rochester, Michigan?")

However, it seems Madonna has softened her stance on her hometown. In a recent interview with the Oakland Press, the pop singer said she appreciated her Michigan upbringing:

“To me it’s really important that I came from the Midwest,” she explained, “with my father and people that I was surrounded with, very strong work ethic and my practical approach to work, and not a lot of frills.

“I don’t think I would be as creative as I am if I’d grown up surrounded by everything at my fingertips. The fact that I came from a small town in the Midwest has a lot to do with the kind of open notebook that I had to start my journey of creativity.”

To us, that's a bit of a backhanded compliment — kind of like saying, "Thank you, Michigan, for helping me realize what I didn't want to become!" But whatever!

Madonna's Rebel Heart is out now, and she will make a stop with a show at Detroit's Joe Louis Arena on Oct. 1.

Lee DeVito

Leyland “Lee” DeVito is the editor in chief of Detroit Metro Times since 2016. His writing has also been published in CREEM, VICE, In These Times, and New City. He once asked porn star Stormy Daniels to spank him with an issue of Metro Times. She obliged.

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