Plllllaaa-NET- Rock!

Bangin' jams for the dim discotheques of 1981 - Get out the broken down cardboard boxes and limber up - This local duo is resurrecting breakdance for you, grab a plate and fill up on some B-boy goodies.

Metallic vocode-heavy sound fx's splashing over nifty, buzzing bass grooves, thrumming with quintessential post-disco decadence and four-on-the-floor dynamics - You'll get instant nostalgia for Bambaataa twisting up Kraftwerk.

Sample, pop and lock:


Their album (coming out June 4th) isn't all retro-revivalist retread... They've got some signature spaced-out atmospheric instrumentals and a secret weapon by the name of Almighty Prolific.

See what you think: (Lt.Bad on Youtube -)

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