Long Time MT Fave SelfSays' Talks His Euro Rollercoaster and Some 'Buh-roo-zah buh roo zah'!

May 22, 2012 at 7:50 am

Charles Vann got back from Europe about three weeks ago. Since winding down his tour there with Ann-Arbor-bred/NY-based ambio/electro-artist Shigeto, the Detroit emcee has been doing his best to keep his poetic pistons pumping, working toward releasing an EP later this year and making the best music he can ...

Vann, who's better known as SelfSays, is starting the next chapter of his life-career, working harder on the music than he ever has in his ten years  on the scene. He turned some heads with his '09 EP "Something Out of Nothing," but more heads turn in his direction each year, swayed by an national buzz from the likes of Urb magazine and others...

He turns heads in Europe too. On his main site,  SelfSays opens up a bit about the tour. Here's his latest has video:

Vann's latest post talks of the inspiration he's found in his own music's communicative powers. Beyond that, though, he's humbled to discover considerable numbers of European folk familiar with his music.

He says it was  "wild and humbling," and he now knows what it means to "blow up."

SelfSays: "After the first show in France, this guy came up to me and was like: 'Oh, you're from Michigan? Detroit?'  And he asks, 'You ever heard of Clear Soul Forces?' I know those guys, they're the homies ... But, the best was when Zach (Saginaw, a.k.a. Shigeto) and I were sitting in the back of the club, that same night, and this guy's hanging out asking me about being from Michigan ...

'Danny Brown?' he asks me, in this thick, thick French accent.

'Yeah...' I say and he says back,

"Buh-roo-zah buh roo zah...' In this accent, "Bruiser, bruiser, bruiser!"

That's... what "blowing up" is...


Last month, Earnest Endeavours released this single, a SelfSays track remixed by Shigeto - part of a comp titled Our Nest Vol. 1.

Listen:"Parting Gifts" - Parting Gifts (Shigeto's 1999 Edit)

and listen for more SelfSays later on this year...

"This is a place of total concentration and effort to move with the best foot forward / Phase 2 - transitioning / more than a mere change of secenery / in the literal sense in changing how I see it / therefore making a change within..."(SelfSays - "Rollercoaster")


See/hear SelfSays on June 1st - 6/1 – DJ House Shoes “Let It Go” Release Party @ The Shelter (Detroit)