Local rapper esQuire gets topical with 'Confederate Fag'

Jul 17, 2015 at 11:49 am

We're unrepentant fans of local rapper Kevin Herron, aka esQuire, so we were geeked when he recently reached out to share a new track with us. In the cheekily titled "Confederate Fag," esQuire tries to cram pretty much every Southern cliché into his ... erm, sorry.

Actually, Herron says he recorded the track almost two years ago. "I've just been sitting on it for a while," he tells us. "It seemed like the time to do something with it ..."

Herron says the spark of inspiration came when someone mislead him speak. "I was saying something about a Confederate flag and he thought I said 'Confederate fag!' he says. "I thought it would made a great song title."

He adds, "I spend a lot of time down South and I always found it interesting how people think about it."

The track is available for purchase on iTunes, or to stream below: