Apr 29, 2009 at 12:06 pm

*If anyone's headed to New Orleans this weekend for the Jazz Fest and/or the Ponderosa Stomp (it seems the latter event has become just as exciting, if not more so, than the Jazz Fest itself over the last several years, presenting as it does so many fairly obscure but still legendary music mavens), watch for Detroit in the house via appearances by Motown guitar great Dennis Coffey (no other introduction necessary, I'd assume), Madison Heights' own Jack Earls (who was one of the original Sun Records rockabillies in the years before he left Memphis for D-town) and MT's own Michael Hurtt (who makes the trek down to N'Awlins, his former home, every year...wish I was going!)

*"Wedding Ring," a track from the Hard Lessons' upcoming Arms Forest album, officially released via Quack Media! on May 26th, will be featured in "a pivotal scene" on the hit doctor series, Grey's Anatomy, tomorrow night, April 30th. (The new disc is pretty damn terrific, by the way). No truth to rumors, though, that Augie will henceforth only answer to the name "McDreamy." They've also just released what their publicist describes "a silly video on a very silly show" for their song "Sound The Silent Arm." Check it out below.

*Speaking of publicists, this item has already been posted everywhere and anyone who cares obviously already knows but the publicist still thinks we should mention it -- so here's mention that Detroit's modern psychedelic orchestral rockers the Silent Years have officially signed with Southern California's SideCho Records. The first release (on July 14th) will be an EP, Let Go, which we've heard and which is also pretty damn good, with a full-length album scheduled for release later this year.

*Deastro's full-length Moondagger LP is still planned for official release via Ghostly International on June 23rd. According to the artist/band's most recent press release from Ghostly: "Randolph Chabot is out to win the war for the forces of good." Good for him, we say...

*Concert for a Cause, a benefit music show for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, takes place tomorrow night, April 30th, at Club22, 46793 Hayes Rd. in Shelby Township. Performances are scheduled from the Madison Opera (89X "Battle of the Bands" winner), Given Six, the Definition and Band WIth No Name.

*Contrary to rumors and even reports in the press, the outdoor Sterling Heights amphitheater Freedom Hill will definitely be open for business this summer. Shows have already been booked for June through August, with Tom Jones, the Offspring and 311 among the national acts scheduled to play.

*Congratulations to Al McWilliams and the above mentioned Ann Arbor-based Quack Media! music management, label, etc., crew for recently winning two Honoree awards in the 13th Annual Webby Awards, which honors "excellence on the Internet." Out of the nearly 10,000 submissions, less than 15 perecent of the total were honored. You can also check out the "Robots vs. Dragon" animation that got them the big deal honor below:

Thanks Dudes/Ladies who vote on Webbys from Turbo McAwesome on Vimeo.