Live Review: Peelander-Z w/All-Girls Boys Choir and Birthday Suits. Friday, Oct. 15 at PJ's Lager House

Yikes. Japan’s Peelander-Z touched down at the Corktown bar PJ’s Lager House last night.

Opening for the New York-based but Japan-born quartet were the All-Girls Boys Choir. The LA duo features Alicia Warrington and Marlene Hammerle, both previously of Detroit’s Gore Gore Girls.  They jammed out a set of hefty blues rock, sweet croons and noisy meltdowns.

Following them were Minneapolis’ Birthday Suits. This bouncy guitar-and-drum duo played ultra-hyper garage rock with many open-ended songs that left gaps for improv and nutty antics.

But nothing could prepare one for Peelander-Z. The color-coded four-piece (main-man guitarist/vocalist is Peelander Yellow, bassist Red, lead guitarist Black and drummer Green) entered the stage in what appeared to be an acid freak’s take on Power Ranger costume designs, complete with wigs, hairdressers, luchador masks and cheetah-print jeans. Peelander-Z are jittery, punky power pop, which is a great in itself. But, the band’s knack for theatricality turns the entire venue into a mob of cockeyed fun. They passed out pots and pans for audience percussion assistance, brought some of the crowd onstage to fiddle with band guitars and, at one point, Peelander Yellow, Red and Green moved the stage to the center of crowd floor.

Even with songs about steak, mad tigers and ninja high schools, the good vastly outweighs the silly.  Peelander-Z are four extremely capable musicians with a genuine passion for preforming and will absolutely destroy any place in your town.

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