Listening to: YUM and Lost Boys

YUM let you know what you're in for, with those opening 20 seconds of "Shotgun..." Growling, atonal guitars over fitful drum chops, storming into a dragrace-tempo and a beer-gargled guitar riff. Pretty tough sounding stuff. I mean, even that opening jam's title evokes eruptive (and potentially destructive) nature inherent to this local duo's particularly harder-bluesier-punkier proclivities in rock music. But, dig through their debut's 25 minutes and you'll find some softer ballads in there... (Seek: "Gonna Be Alright") They turned a lot of heads last weekend at the inaugural Secret Friends Fest. But if you missed them then, you can see them in a few weeks - at the Magic Stick on Feb. 7th.     Also on that bill....

...are Ypsi-area indie-rock outfit Lost Boys.  Swinging drums and jangly guitars liven up this mockabilly crooner cut - rearing back on the emergency break two-thirds of the way through and switching to a cascading riff and a mean waltzing beat, to burn away in ballady glory, with each instrumental element getting ever more angry until it deflates away like a feedback fumed tantrum of heartbreak. But then, take your ears over to "Care Package" for an entirely different sound in a different style with a different singer.
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