Listening to: Dum Dum Girls (3.30 -in Ferndale)

Jan 19, 2014 at 11:47 am

Too True

Sub Pop

For a band tagged as “garage-rock” when it debuted five years ago, Dum Dum Girls have proven to be more moody new-wave with their delicately distorted vocals and shimmying rhythms. Their most startlingly pretty moments come in their quieter refrains; they bloom in their downbeat slow-dance ballads and they shine brightest when in the dark – particularly on Too True – garage rock could never be this emotional. (Take note of their dynamism during the minimalist moments of the cymbal-shaking “Rimbaud Eyes”).


If you want head-bops, fist-pumps and pogo-pop, go to Best Coast, but if you want a bit more mystique and a bit more bite (with, still, plenty of surfy-reverb on their fenders under those dark, dulcet vocals sways). Check out the low burrowing bass and secret-agent-theme sounding guitar waves on “Evil Blooms” as they sing it bluntly: “Don’t be good / be beautiful and sad / it’s all you ever had.”

Dum Dum Girls perform March 30th at the Loving Touch (22640 Woodward Ave, Ferndale) with Blouse. Doors at 8pm - $15 – more info: