Listening To: Child Bite & Phil Anselmo — Morbit Hits

You would be amazed at how much music can happen, can explode, in the space of five seconds.

This might be the most refreshingly scary thing you listen to all year.

Yes, I know it's not even February.

Child Bite teamed up with punk-legend Phil Anselmo to cover five songs originally only found on the 1993 Relapse Records debut, Morbid Florist, by the infamous Anal Cunt. 

Listen: "Radio Hit"

Artwork by Timothy "Shagrat" Jenkins

My favorite is "Chump Change." It's 31 seconds long. Between seconds 8.7 and 10.1, there's a squealed streak down the guitar's neck, a noodly little exertion that says so much in the context of this swift, thumping ultra-tantrum. Fans of Anselmo (and Anal Cunt) will already be initiated, but for local Child Bite fans coming to this work — you can see that local quartet's often-not-so-subtle inclinations toward hardcore-punk/death-metal (or do they still call it grindcore?) — thrown into stark relief as the vocals strike seemingly impossible and altogether inhuman-sounding caterwauling. The bass, the drums, the guitars ... nitroglycerin-filled ball-bearings inside a cement-truck's mixer tumbling at 90 rotations a second. ...

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