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Air India's debut E.P. is never one thing or the other.

It's not overtly one genre or some other ostentatious experimentation.

Secret Machine EP


It's the sound of full collaboration - where each element gets space to shine upon the stage of a song that is balanced in its craft - Nothing outshines anything. You would call this, not pop... not rock... There's smoothness to it, but it's not easy-listening; it jangles and shines with driving rhythms under wavy, charging guitar riffs with healthy splashes of surfy-reverb, but it's not cribbing college-rock radio nostalgia. It's just, hmm, representative?

The lovely lead vocals in their lilting melodies, conjuring dream-pop's lullaby-leaning balladry as it leans upon the shuffling groove of the bass; you can hear the understated guitar phrasing trading off respective augmentations with those chiming pianos or humming organs, each in support of the other's accentuated solos or a more soaring, fx-dazzled dab of atmospherics.

I find the interplay of "Sleepyhead" to be the most intriguing, take a listen:

It's out on January 14th. More info here

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