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We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming with the following weird announcement just in...

We hate the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (although we don't hate our pal former Ann Arbor resident Howard Kramer, who is now one of the curators at the Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland). What we hate is the actual induction proceedings, namely because they seem rigged and they just, in a word, suck. Following in the footsteps of Del Shannon and the Velvet Underground's Sterling Morrison, the Hall of Fame committee took their old sweet time again... and the great Mike Smith of the Dave Clark Five will now be inducted several weeks after he croaked.

We've bitched here before about so many legendary Michigan rockers not being inducted yet -- most notably Iggy & The Stooges. Let's face it: Any institution dedicated to rock 'n' roll that doesn't include the Stooges just ain't rock 'n' roll. Nevertheless, the Stooges appear to be holding no grudges, as they will be performing at the induction ceremonies, which will air on VH1 this coming Monday night. (Yeah, we hate the Hall of Fame, but still find ourselves watching the ceremonies every year...this year will probably be no different, especially since an evening on the couch as a potato will probably be extra-tempting this year after four days of Blowout). What's weird, ahowever, is that the scheduled Stooges performance will be part of the tribute to Madonna (who, yes, got into the Hall of Fame before Iggy did... could have something to do with the clout of Seymour Stein, we imagine...). Yes, that's right -- the Stooges will be performing the music of Madonna in New York this coming Monday night. Maybe it's the Michigan connection. Who knows? But the only logical conclusion to this is: What the fuck?

Almost as weird as the announcement today that Keith Richards will be the new face of Louis Vuitton designer bags. No, we're not kidding...!

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