Lift off

Jul 26, 2000 at 12:00 am

Like the name suggests, Little Red Rocket is everything that today’s hot-to-trot, indie-rock jet-set is supposed to hate: a sound that’s slick, sleek and streamlined, radio-ready and ready to go-go. Throw in that this Athens, Ga., quartet was briefly signed to Geffen and we’ve got our shoo-in for this year’s Scenester Shutout.

Like Veruca Salt circa ’94, LRR is probably the indie band that’s undeniably dorky to dig because of its unabashed ambition to make the big leagues. VS hasn’t had a commercial breakthrough like “Seether,” but that doesn’t mean the band’s second album isn’t a treasure trove of could-be, should-be hits. It’s In the Sound is packed with hot-rod rock (“California”), pep-talk pop (“I Believe In What You Do”) and enough big-hearted balladry for everyone’s midsummer nights’ dreams. With such breezy, brazen tunes, LRR is clearly ready to brave the airwaves. The band deserves to be there, too. Its album may sound slightly uneven and not wholly original – think Cake Like, Veruca Salt, Tuscadero – but it’s fun, catchy and sounds great in the car, windows down and stereo blasting. And if that breaks the rules of the hipster handbook, then LRR will suffer the consequences – like the chance to reach a wider audience.

Jimmy Draper writes about music for Metro Times. E-mail [email protected].