Killa Tape & Rare Tears

I got a mummified hand in the mail yesterday...

I know with the latest issue out everyone's eyes (and ears) are peering (and bending) towards the big techno-trounced music festival MOVEMENT - soon to saturate Hart Plaza with dreamy/droney synths thrumming up your ear drums with hypnotic  felicity - and that's not to mention the galaxy of characters flailing, juking, grinding and floating their way around the paved dance floors, an extra-terrestrial congress ripe for people-watching.

 But, ...still, I thought you might dig on some of the tunes by hip-hop/electronica producer Jah Connery - He's working on a number of new projects, including a new cassette of ambient, left-field hip-hop inspired / techno-deconstructionist musings, but this track is plucked from a previous work (the Killa Tape), in case you wanted to get acquainted. Just a sampling of some other sounds from Detroit's working-class indie-musician underground, sounds you might not hear through the forthcoming glorious-storm of Movement.

Something else keep your ears open for, this week/weekend:

Moon Pool & Dead Band (the holy House-twisting union between Wolf Eyes' Nate Young and SSM/Sights' Dave Shettler ) will perform a improvised set of meditative/stormy, contemplative/dark-dance dissertations utilizing analog synths and an electic array of percussive elements at the Detroit Institute of Arts on Friday on 7pm -which leads into a screening of a documentary on noise-pop/art-rock icon Genesis P Orridge (of Throbbing Gristle) The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye (view trailer)

Dig in: Moon Pool and Dead Band - "Rare Tears"

More MP&DB sounds and news here.

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