JP's Campaign Celebration in the HP

Nov 14, 2012 at 9:35 am
The Party Platform features a summit of Detroit's wiry young turk type rapping class bringing their post-oughts oddball-ish sweetly-acerbic and genre-jostling rhyme spills into an Irish Pup of all places -ostensibly to toast the end of the painful campaign season- and more visibly the prop the release of a new single by party head JP (John Panich) a.k.a. JP from the HP.

That's right...

Hip-hop in Hazel Park.

Should be an interesting, if even just from an anthropological/observational conduction - to blast beats and spit rhymes inside an otherwise neon-light-adorned sports-bar aesthetic, curtained with vibrant greens, whites and oranges... (@The House of Shamrocks! on John R). Get the show info from JP's site. 

Come raise a glass o' Guiness to JP and his mates: Of Mice & Musicians / Doc Waffles / Jonas G & the Fantastic Three / and Gio Blaze. 


Stream the new single here

JP from the HP - "You Won't Feel A Thing"

...Meanwhile, JP's billmate for that evening, Doc Waffles - just got remixed by another local beat maker, Dial 81~