Jeff Milo

Jeff Milo goes local for his top 10 of 2011

Jan 4, 2012 at 12:00 am

Jeff Milo

Favorite local songs      of 2011


1 Pink Lightning "Why I Drink Fancy"


2 Prussia "St. Elmo's Fire Pt. II" 


3 Glossies "Let's Get Awkward"


4 Passalacqua "Bridge Card Hustle"


5 Zoos of Berlin "Movie On August Ray/Tamarind"


6 Johnny Ill Band "Good Posture


7 Deadbeat Beat "No God"

8 Doc Waffles (ft. SelfSays) "The King's English"


9 Crappy Future "CF"


10 Bad Indians "The Path Home"


11 K.I.D.S. "Nightwalkers"