It’s Not Fun. Don’t Do It!

Twin sisters who've long perfected the art of onstage sibling rivalry, it was only a matter of time before Tegan and Sara issued a live DVD documenting their bantering and between-song bickering. So it's somewhat surprising that It's Not Fun. Don't Do It!, the 25-year-old Canadians' first DVD release, lacks the familial fisticuffs that make their gigs so entertaining. Recorded last year in Toronto, there are plenty of compelling performances of material from 2004's So Jealous and its predecessor If It Was You. But without the sisters' characteristic spats, stories and self-deprecating one-liners, the dark-edged romantic dramas in their songs seem a bit more sobering than usual. At least those crazy fashion mullets of theirs are on display throughout.

Fortunately, the DVD offers comic relief elsewhere, as well as insight into the T and S universe. Among the extras is a gag reel from their most recent tour, as well as lively studio footage from the So Jealous sessions. So, though the concert is an unexpectedly straightforward run through their usual set — "I Hear Noises," "Walking with a Ghost," etc. — the bonus material does try to showcase Tegan and Sara's offbeat humor, good-natured quarreling and sisterly bond. Because, really, after hearing Tegan intone the oh-so-melancholy "I feel like I wouldn't like me if I met me" — come on, that's so depressed-rock-star it's sickening — it's at least comforting to know that, despite their amusing tête-à-têtes and respective heartbreaks, Tegan and Sara at least have and (mostly) like each other.

Jimmy Draper writes about music for Metro Times. Send comments to [email protected].

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