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Now this is one of Michigan's more lustrous gems, even with a few alterations from the previous incarnation. Add a Moog, say bye-bye to singer Amon Krist and let band founder Trey Many trick some talented people into playing out his hauntingly psychedelic sadness, and there you have it.

Of Color Bright should be next up on your hometown must-listen-to list. Think back to the fine-tuned Songs From the Rainwater EP, where Many proved he had nothing to hide in the dark buzzing folds of the "ambient" sound. His submerged melodies still allow a little light to filter through and even an ever-changing list of collaborators never clouds the water. Here fellow His Name Is Alive conspirator Karin Oliver opens Many's compositions up like an old familiar book when she sings lead on "Pressed Flower," "Shine" and "Under Heaven." Tess Wiley meets her there between the tear-stained pages on four other tunes, including the especially heavyhearted "Sky From Underwater."

At times this delicate fare threatens to cross over into the melancholy. Take, for instance, Oliver's whispered tiny girl vocals lamenting, "You left me there/I fell away from here/You're gonna pay/Left under heaven crying" (from "Under Heaven"). Half of you wants to melt, while the other half wants to march her right down to a good self-help group.

Well, if Many doesn't outshine his past work here, at least he reassures us there's still a lot more Velour 100 to come and, consequently, more to love.

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