Indie Singles Roundup

Sep 17, 2012 at 8:08 pm
Jeffery Drag Records-

This label is really cool, and listening to just one of their records proves it. I had no expectations when I asked for copies of these, but that changed very quickly. Not only does the label release almost exclusively to 7” and cassette, their bands are well known too (Turbo Fruits, Natural Child, Pujol) and the stuff that JDR records releases is never short of brilliant.

The cool record swag I received:

Turbo Fruits/Bad Cop split single ‘Tennessee Love’ b/w ‘Wet Lips’-

The Turbo Fruits tune sounds like it fits on their newest LP Butter, and has wicked solos and is slightly reminiscent of Jeff The Brotherhood’s summer jam ‘Sixpack’ The song is just about good, wholesome fun; Loving Tennessee, going to the lake, and drinking beers (Until they disappear, as singer Jonas Stein puts it

.) The flip side is a Cramps style jam by another Nashville based band, Bad Cop. It’s a wild punk tune, and that’s all I really can say. I mean, you have to hear this thing to really appreciate it. It’s that good.

Listen to both tracks here:

And buy it here:


Natural Child ‘Mother Nature’s Daughter’ b/w ‘Bodyswitchers Part II’

Maybe it’s a coincidence that this tune is called ‘Mother Nature’s Daughter (Mother Nature’s Son anybody?) because this sounds just like a White Album outtake, with delicate equally measured guitar, bass, and drum tracks that pour into each other like syrup on a pancake. This is totally unlike Natural Child, Track one weighing in at a hefty five minutes. Track two is bare bones psych-rock with chilling vocals and hypnotizing guitar and bass synchronization.

Listen to both tracks here:

And buy it here:


Grimtale Records-

I’ve heard about this label for a while, but with only one release on the market, I wasn’t drawn in quickly. Now after making the biggest mistake of my life, I’ve found out how much impact on the vinyl collector industry this company has made.

White Buffalo Woman ‘My Days’ b/w ‘This Town’

This gem is nothing short of spectacular. Starting off like a wild blues-rock jam, the A side to this rad single ‘My Days’ has singer Evan Rutledge howling and shouting over the wicked slide guitar. But don’t get me wrong though, the shouting is a great thing. Both tunes show that with a little digging around in the bins, you can find something truly great.

Go listen to both tracks here: