Hyperpop heavyweight Hyd heads to Detroit

PC Music-associated artist has collaborated with A.G. Cook, Danny L. Harle, and the late SOPHIE

Nov 8, 2022 at 8:00 am
click to enlarge Hyd, aka Hayden Dunham, gained recognition as the face of the experimental pop and performance art energy drink project “Hey QT”. - Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo
Hyd, aka Hayden Dunham, gained recognition as the face of the experimental pop and performance art energy drink project “Hey QT”.

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Hyd brings hyperpop to town: It’s commonplace for tours with smaller budgets to bypass Detroit for places like Chicago and call it “good” for their Midwest commitments. That means Detroit concertgoers don’t always get to see smaller experimental acts that fans are buzzing about online. The upcoming Hyd show at Willis Show Bar on Wednesday, Nov. 9 is an exception. Hyd (née Hayden Dunham) is a PC Music-associated artist with production backing from hyperpop heavyweights like A.G. Cook, Danny L. Harle, and the late SOPHIE. Getting recognition early in their career as the face of the legendary experimental pop and performance art energy drink project “Hey QT” (a 2014 A.G. Cook x SOPHIE collaboration), this year Hyd has returned to the spotlight in full force. The songs released so far are a perfect blend of glitchy pop hooks with cavernous deconstructed club beats that should appeal to fans of Caroline Polachek (who has production credit on Hyd’s upcoming album as well). Judging from the striking visuals and videos for each new single, one can assume the live show will be just as impressive.

The Whiskey Charmers drop new full-length: The Whiskey Charmers are dropping its fourth full-length record On The Run on Saturday, and they’re throwing a show at Hamtramck’s Ant Hall to mark the occasion. The show will feature performances by Emily Rose along with Elspeth Tremblay & The Treatment, and it’s sure to be a doozy. Having won several Detroit Music Awards in recent years for their work on previous albums The Valley and Lost on the Range, listeners will enjoy their evolving take on traditional Americana and country music. (The band’s video for the track “Water” is worth a watch if you haven’t seen it.)

Far-out electronic music at Marble Bar: Detroit has no shortage of dance music, and at times it can be hard to wade through the noise and find the shows that are truly worth attending. Of course Marble Bar is one of the go-to spots, and this weekend they’ll be bringing Miami’s Dany Daze and New York’s Fred P for a night of music beamed in straight from the outer reaches of space. The show also features a stacked lineup of local support, including hometown hero 2Lanes, Texture’s very own Jacob Park, and a late night ambient set by the acid queen herself, Rebecca Goldberg. Expect a healthy serving of classic house and techno, presented through the lens of a group of artists that combine to form a show that is greater than the sum of its parts. Early bird tickets are available on Resident Advisor.

Air People flew into Outer Limits Lounge: Detroit super-group of sorts Air People dropped its self-titled full-length debut last week (sorry for the flurry of hyphens), and threw a Thursday night soiree at Outer Limits Lounge to celebrate. If you had to imagine what a show at Outer Limits should sound like, the track “Yang” off the record might serve as a proper sonic landscape. A slow, boozy jam that feels like a song you’ve loved for a long time even if you’ve never heard it before, “Yang” is nestled within a project that blends all of the influences of the band’s members into a cohesive, engaging collection. At times psychedelic, other times homely and comforting, the record is the result of many years of work, and serves as a solid foundation for what will hopefully be a long tenure in Detroit’s live music scene. If you’re not already familiar, the two other bands on the show’s bill are worth checking out as well: Woman Believer and CC Nobody (formerly Career Club).

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