Hugs 'n' Bugs

Mar 5, 2009 at 3:17 pm

I have come to view the opening party of Blowout as a family reunion of people with whom I'd actually like to share a park, a game of frisbee and a BBQ. To that end, I'd like to propose a casserole buffet at next year's kickoff. Ratified? Awesome. Thanks!

Random thoughts include:

*I find it strangely comforting that Willy Wilson and Steve-O P., the latter from the itcamefromculturecity blog, have a very similiar coif at this point. Steve said his mom wasn't too keen on the shag, either! Still a good way to wander in bumping up with these tow scene stalwarts.

*Walking into the Majestic while Fluent serenaded Walter W.'s friend, Jennifer, with a chant of "such a pretty girl" as he threw his coat into the crowd and said coat-catcher was confused as to what to do while the tight-as-a-skyscraper-window band cranked on behind him... well, it just was one helluva way to arrive. Cameras and non-camera-wielding audience members were equal at this point. There were a lot of cameras.

*How did Child Bite's beards get even better? I thought the dude with the Ace Frehley makeup's facial hair was fake for a minute. But no! Also, they've really gotten better at working the dynamics of their songs. It ain't 100 percent hysteria. And that's a good thing.

*On a related note: The "merch buffet" at the Stick? Hey, if you have shit for sale, then have someone stationed there to sell it. I hope that the $2 I gave to some dude for Child Bite pins went to either A) the band or B) the dude's buzz. I'm betting the latter.

*Between bands at some point, a hyper-gregarious fella in the bathroom informed all of us urinal-users that he had, indeed, "fixed the towel dispenser." A surprisingly in-depth discussion (for a handful of dudes in a bathroom, at least) ensued regarding the relative virtues of on-demand towels in a rock venue restroom. Good times!

*During Octopus, it was clear that Blowout was "on" when I looked across the crowd and saw Mistress Knepp up-end a High Life. I did likewise.

*And speaking of that band, how is it that a group can make the massive and the dark and the heavy look so effortless and fun? Score? FrezzaTudrickWatsonMashaWhit: 1; other bands: 0. Seriously. These are five people in full command of their musical faculties having fun at your expense. You loved it. Admit it.

*First obvious "dude-bro" sighting? 11:54 p.m. A couple of NorthFace dudes mock grinding with one another during Silverghost. By the way, what was up with Silverghost's set setting off more pot in the air than Octopus? I'd thing just the opposite.

*11:55 p.m.: Local bloggers spotted = 5. Former Motor City Rocks dude Big Matt, in fact, threatens to stand in front of me at every show this weekend. He is both a worthy foil in dimension and taste. This may be a long weekend.

*Did anyone tell Larry Ray that we couldn't hear his guitar during Outrageous Cherry 's set? At all? He did a whirling dervish solo on one of the band's new jams and seems like he was having a fine time doing so. And if I coulda heard it, that might have made for a great Blowout moment.

*Had to split before the Meatmen. Seems like people have mixed opinions vis-a-vis the humor, politics, quality of the music, age of the players, etc. That's awesome. That's sorta the point. Whatevs.

Bookend: I had to fight the urge to pull off at Caniff-Holbrook exit on the way down and on the way home. Hamtramck beckons. See you out there!