How to party like a Juggalo this weekend

How to party like a Juggalo this weekend
Hoo-ray, it's Juggalo Day! 

Juggalo Day is upon us y'all! The official day celebrating the Insane Clown Posse and their devoted fam was February 17th, but the real party is this weekend. The annual Detroit event takes place with shows tonight at St. Andrews Hall and Saturday at Harpo's. Tonight's show will feature the first-ever full concert set of the Killjoy Club, and Saturday's show will feature the Insane Clown Posse doing a rendition of "The Ringmaster" in full. 

Both shows are sold out, but if you pray to the Juggalo Gods/have a crap ton of money to drop you may be able to score a ticket being resold. If not, grab your face paint and a bottle of Faygo and celebrate Juggalo Day on your own.  

We'll have a photographer on hand so be sure to check back Monday for photos! Here's some of the best pics from last year's Gathering in Ohio, too, just because. 
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