Hot Child in the City

Mar 9, 2007 at 9:40 am
So far, and taking so much human mass, booze and toxins into consideration, the one perfectly glimmering moment — the one transcendent and time-stopping flash of Blowout X — was hearing/seeing the new Hard Lessons' song “See and be Seen” Wednesday night at the Majestic. What. A. Song. What a song. It’s as good a power-pop ditty as there has ever been. Giant diabetic-coma sing-a-longs, Townshend windmills and a quick descending run on the chorus that’d make even the International Pop Overthrow geek-set green with envy. Brendan Benson too. It’s one of those career launchers. One of those royalty-check generators that’ll last decades.

Need further proof? Porchsleeper Brian leaned into me during “See and be Seen” and asked, “Please tell me this is cover

Don’t tell they’ve written a song this good ...” And Brian's like me; he sees the jive in most everything new.

“See and Be Seen” will be available soon on the next set of Hard Lesson releases. Do yourself a favor.