Hoedown countdown – The Band Perry vs. Big & Rich

The Downtown Hoedown kicks off on Friday, and we spoke to local girl Mandi Layne for this week’s issue to get a flavor of the thing. There are, however, a lot of well-respected, or at least much-loved, national bands on the bill. The Band Perry and Big &Rich are two of the main attractions so, just in case you know nothing about these guys, we’re pitching them against each other.

The Band Perry is composed of identical Twilight looking brothers Reid and Neil Perry, and their wholesome sister Kimberly. Big & Rich has Big, and Rich. Score one for the siblings.

The Band Perry sings, “I am a brown eyed loner, I march to my own drummer, I'm a piccolo owner and the labor of my mother's love, Honey you'd be a load off her mind.”
Big & Rich sings, “Well this blonde slid up to me, Said that was awful sweet, Then I saw her boyfriend, As wide as he was tall, Well he broke up our hug, With a six foot, five, inch shove, And I found myself slammed up, Against the wall.” That’s one point each.

The Band Perry loves the troops, the flag and the Bible. So does Big & Rich. 2-2.

The Band Perry have very “cared for” haircuts. Big & Rich have very nice hats. 3-3.

Big & Rich’s fourth album is called Hillbilly Jedi. No contest. 3-4 to these guys.

The Band Perry use an accordion. Big & Rich do not. We make that a tie.

Go see whoever you want.

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