Hi-Speed Dubbing "2012" (Stone Calendar 7")

The teased feedback opening up side-one evokes chaos: groovy, gnarly, shake-n-surge, gut-punched chaos. “2012 just could be the end

” a breathless Justin Walker yowls over the tumult of pedal-torched guitars wringing break-neck hooks and herky-jerking drum beats slewing the pillars out the foundation. This tune’s got one of the most irresistible hooks I’ve heard in the last 2 years, but good luck holding onto it, this song’s in a hurry, like the world actually is gonna end.


The flipside for this local quartet’s latest wraps up, lyrically, at its four minute mark (sublimely bent-tones surfing along a jittery groove) and then it goes off into space; blooming and swooning through 2 minutes of a swirling psychedelic jam wherein you can actually feel the four distinct players’ penchants, from the psychedelic soul of those drums, to the funky bass, the space-rock grandiosity of the lead guitar and the garage-scuffed shimmer of the rhythm guitar, blending together for a beguiling synchronicity.


Hi-Speed Dubbing – “2012 (Stone Calendar)” / “Fresh Wounds”



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