Hem is just killing me right now.

Funnel Cloud, their new album, is amazing, and you should buy it right away. But Hem is also on TV right now, scoring an unsuspectingly gorgeous ad for Liberty Mutual that essentially retells the old "pay it forward" bit.

My favorite part is when the woman moves the coffee cup.

The song is called "Half Acre," and appears on Hem's 2001 album Rabbit Songs. But its appearance in the ad is another great example of what's been happening more and more: an artist working an end-around to get much-needed exposure, fosaking traditional (and quickly dying) music industry channels - radio airplay, or lack of it - in favor of direct marketing through an advertisement, viral download, etc.

Whatever you think of Liberty Mutual, the ad's tone matches that of the song perfectly, and will certainly help a very good band move some units.


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