Heard it all

Mar 13, 2001 at 12:00 am

Most Knowledgable Record Store Staff, Best Overall Record Selection
Harmony House

You all know you can drop into any Harmony House any day of the week with a specific request and those industrious music freaks with the “backstage pass” nametags will find it for you. There’s this mysterious system where they type the title into the computer and then magically know exactly where it is in the stacks. It’s almost like a government experiment. Pretty soon we’ll all be bar coded — if we’re not already. And Harmony House was in on it all along! OK. So, anyhoo, those are the signs of a store that deserves the title of Best Overall Record Selection. Harmony House is by far Michigan’s most successful small-scale-chain record store. And they have an entire location devoted to classical music!

You’ll find everything you never knew you wanted. And when that backstage-pass-clad staff member finds what you want, you know he or she has already listened to it and every other record by the artist, every side-project, compilation inclusion, split 7-inch, everything. And for this, the store’s staff also was named most knowledgeable, not to mention so darn nice.