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Bigger was the theme for Lollapalooza 2006. With more 130 acts on the bill, the lineup was definitely bigger. There was also a bigger surface area — this year's Lolla oozed across almost two miles of downtown Chicago park space. The corporate presence was bigger too, of course, and so were the ticket and concession prices. But even so, the second year of the music festival's successful second-coming as a three-day event thrown in the bosom of the City that Works was a thrill of sight and sound, and everything about the experience suggests that we'll all be at No. 3. The Midwest finally has a festival we can call our own.

5. THE GOOD NEWS: Coachella is dead to us. Why trek to a desert show 2,292 miles away when there's a festival of Lollapalooza's vitality and magnitude right in our backyard?

4. THE BAD NEWS: Jared Leto's so-called career as a rocker is off to a criminally awful start with 30 Seconds to Mars, one of the musical shit stains on this year's occasionally marginal bill.

3. THE SUPRISES: Luckily, with more than 100 acts on almost 10 stages, you're bound to make some pleasant discoveries. Have you ever watched Of Montreal make a crowd of moms, tykes and hippies dance? It's enchanting.

2. THE HERO: Flea gets all the press, and Kiedis is a boho fame whore. The real reason the Red Hot Chili Peppers still matter is guitarist John Frusciante.

1. THE ICE CREAM: Evidently the Raconteurs rented out a Good Humor truck and gave everyone who wanted it free ice cream sandwiches. Developing.

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