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Dave Buick — Italy Records honcho, sometime Go man, Young Soul Rebel at heart and lucky hubby to sightly Fonda frontwoman Julie Benjamin — is, beginning this weekend, the new co-anchor of MT-approved radio show Radio Fever, the arch and droll local-“jams”-supporting broadcast heard Saturday nights on WKRK 97.1-FM. Yep, Buick’s on-air ass is now seated in Chris Handyside’s old roller chair, next to ongoing show host-foil the Wolf (aka Greg Siemasz). Is Handyside — himself a frequent MT contributor — bummed to put his radio persona, “Sassy,” to rest? Nah. “The fact of the matter is that — despite the brave fronts of storm chasing, deep sea exploration and polar bear chasing — I’m leaving the show for purely personal, selfish reasons to indulge my domesticity,” he says. “The Blizzards at Dairy Queen don’t order themselves, you know. Besides, Greg and I have both known Dave for a long time and he knows his shit when it comes to music. It helps that he has an awesome on-air laugh and possesses an intimate knowledge of ’80s pop culture.” So what’s Buick’s new radio nom-de-plume? “Pancakes.” Here’re Pancakes’ monomanias of the week:

5. Swing over and over: Golfing. Went for my first time the other day, it was fun. I got a 70 on nine holes and I got to use [Fred] “Sonic” Smith’s old sticks.

4. Riffin’ tube: Television Personalities — the band and also a lot of the ones on TV.

3. Riffin’ shoes: The Minutemen and D. Boon’s weird shoes — We Jam Econo.

2. What city is this? Hanging by the pool and swimming with Meryl James.

1. Cheap date: Flank steaks and $3 wine.


Radio Fever airs Saturday nights from 8 to 11 p.m. on WKRK, 97.1 FM.

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