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Tommy Stinson has done time in two supercharged American rock ’n’ roll powerhouses, keeping the low-end adjacent both Westerberg and Axl. He began touring with the former as a 12-year-old punk with a Rotten spike-top, and his visual and musical aesthetic has since been pretty close to flawless. He led the underestimated and wonderfully shambolic combos Perfect and Bash & Pop, and his recent solo debut, Village Gorilla Head, has a real heartbeat pumping throughout. Here are Stinson’s five monomanias of the week:

5. Thanks: At the very moment that I’m writing this I’m altogether grateful for the gifts I have. I can’t tell you why. But life right this minute is very good to me.

4. Al Roker: I wish I had become a weatherman. I think it would have been more satisfying than the music industry.

3. Big Dicks: I hear the Tommy Lee book opens with him talking about his dick. Makes me wonder if there is a market for my autobiography. I know a lot of Dicks.

2. Good Year for Music: Finally. At least for the stuff that gets me going. People seem to be getting back to experimenting — using different sounds, and arrangements. Bands I’m into this year: Pleasure Club, Modest Mouse, Walkmen, Burning Brides, Hellacopters, Angela McClusky, Rilo Kiley.

1. Jumping the Pond: I loved touring Europe this year. After having been there a couple times with The Replacements, I finally got to see the beauty in it. When the ’Mats toured there, we either hated everything or it hated us. We were not good at adapting, especially when it got in the way of our ugly American ways.


Appears Tuesday, Jan. 25, at Small’s (10339 Conant Ave., Hamtramck; 313-873-1117).

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