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The Mount Clemens-based rapcore unit Critical Bill has been creating its unique blend of hard rock and hip hop (the band has a DJ in its ranks) since 2002. Having served up four smokin' albums during that time, the band returns to Detroit this week, in the midst of a national tour, so we thought it an appropriate time to ask the group's Mike Scott for his five favorite songs that mention Detroit in their lyrics.

5. "Heart of Rock 'n' Roll" — Huey Lewis and the News. Any time that your city gets a shout-out by Huey Lewis, you know that your city is gangsta. The heart of rock 'n' roll is indeed still beating!

4. "Don't Stop Believing" — Journey. How cool was it to hear the line "just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit" when you were growing up? Go to any Detroit bar when this song is playing, and I bet 99 percent of the people sing those 10 glorious lyrics.

3. "Heaven" — Uncle Kracker. "If Heaven ain't a lot like Detroit, I don't want to go." What else can you say? Truer words were never spoken.

2."Detroit Rock City" — KISS. I know it's pretty obvious, but the words mean so much more when sung by a fire-breathing demon. Rawk on, KISS!

1. "Be My Lover" — Alice Cooper. I, too, play guitar in a long haired rock 'n' roll band. We still might not understand why the singer's name was Alice, but we dig that they come from Detroit city!

Friday, Oct. 26, at CW50/WRIF's Reaper Full Moon Cruise, Detroit Princess Riverboat, 20 Atwater St., Detroit; 248-552-1155.

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