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With all the jostling, good-natured yelling and heroic drinking most Metro Times Blowouts entail, it's no wonder that each year our "overheard" file overflows with entries. This year's event was no exception. Here are a few of the best, the context for each blurred to protect the innocent (or guilty). See you next year, hopefully.

5. Sage advice at Shananigans: "Lie to her! Trust me! Telling the truth will only hurt her!" Booze had rendered the old woman wobbly, but she was still game to give her take on relationships to young couples in the crowd.

4. Steppin' in it at Knights of Columbus: "I just got sick outside," the first guy at the urinal said groggily. "Yeah, we had Indian food before we came here," said the fellow at the next urinal. They didn't know each other.

3. Intrigue at the Belmont: "I'll bet that dude in the eye patch is loving this." The man said this to his friend during Dutch Pink's Saturday night set while gesturing to the eye patch-wearer nearby, his implication being that guys with eye patches love the band. Maybe; he really did seem to be enjoying himself.

2. Telling it like it is at the Blowout launch party: "That's the world's biggest beer-holder/ashtray." The musician had finished his sound check and walked out into the Majestic Theater, only to discover a Scion tC parked inside the club.

1.The deal of the century outside Holbrook Café: "Give me a ride to the next club! I'll get you in the band's pants. All of them!" Did the stranded guy mean all of the bands, or all of their pant legs?

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