Head Cheese

Nov 15, 2006 at 12:00 am

Not only are they the pride of Taylor, but the Hadituptoheres also have one of the best handles around. And it doesn't stop there. Head Cheese wonders what's in the water (or beer) out in Taylor to make a band explode out of the gate with this much revivalist, chorus-heavy punk fervor — the Hadituptoheres sound like Stiff Little Fingers' more raging moments mixed with a suburban anger that's strictly all-American. Taylor — the new Belfast? On the eve of ...Are Bringing the Hammer Down, their MT-approved debut full-length, the trio gives us the top five things they've had it up to here with.

5. Hadituptoheres hopefuls on MySpace: We appreciate the offers, dudes, but just because we're a three-piece doesn't mean we're missing something — we're committed to being a power trio until we can afford an orchestra.

4. Christmas starting on Nov. 1: We've all worked at Southland Mall, so this is an issue that's very near our heart. Remember when Christmas was just one day, and it wasn't stressful, and everyone had a bunch of fun? No? Neither do we. We're pretty sure that guy Jesus remembers, though.

3. The new zero-tolerance technical-foul rule: How are the Pistons supposed to win if they can't get inside the ref's head? The league might as well have castrated 'Sheed.

2. Electrical engineering: Two out of three Hadits agree — it's a drag. The third thinks that there aren't enough punks in law school.

1. People leaving Detroit: a) It's the most influential city in the world. b) Don't come back when you quitters finally realize this.


Saturday, Nov. 18, at the Magic Stick, 4120 Woodward Ave., Detroit; with the Cyril Lords.

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