Head Cheese

Ghost City is populated by some people you might recognize, including Stephen Palmer (ex-Back in Spades) and Tait from Electric Six. But there are also new apparitions floating around in the sound, from influences like Costello and Catherine Wheel to commentary on the sad souls that Detroit has lost. Too creepy? Whatever. You can still dance to it. Here are their monomanias:

5. Mash-ups: A mere two years behind the times, we're currently working on slamming Captain Beefheart into Roger Whittaker. Any Beefheart will do — it's all worthy — but only Whittaker originals are allowed (i.e. "I Don't Believe in If Anymore" or "Durham Town." No Rondstadt or Streisand interpretations).

4. Not enough Ikea? Ghost City suggests a new location on the remains of Boblo Island. Are you as excited about this as we are?

3. Baby Laxative: Two out of four band members support the decision to include this in our monomanias. If you guess which two were in favor, you win a damp, half-empty pack of Marlboro Reds. We treat our fans like kings.

2. Still not enough Ikea? Ghost City also suggests a new Ikea be built over the remains of the Gold Dollar. Seriously, are you as excited about this as we are?

1. City Club: How come no one cares about City Club anymore? It was always there for you — don't deny your teenage self the memory — so why are you no longer there for City Club? It ain't right, and we're not even going to get into why. If you have to ask, you've never carved "Charlotte Sometimes" into your arm.


Saturday, July 29, at The Belmont, 10215 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck; 313-871-1966. With the Sensation.

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