Head Cheese

Scott Wexton is obsessed with spirits both corporeal and brown. As the Voodoo Organist, he turns his howling instrument loose on boogie rhythms and revival tent rave-ups, confronting horned evildoers and two-faced whiskey hustlers with equal fervor. On the new Serpent Dance, Wexton's a thrill-seeker and smart aleck, a busker in the red-light district, a preacher who's one altar-wine bender away from a straightjacket and padded cell. "Pedal to the metal!" he growls at one point. "My pilot is the devil!" Preach on, brother Wexton. Preach on. Here are the Voodoo Organist's latest monomanias, in honor of his roiling road show's triumphant return to his hometown. Belly up for buckets of blood, Tom Waits serenades, and — of course — equal parts whiskey and the devil.

Whiskey treats? Hell yeah! You don't have to twist my arm.

4. Alien Sex Fiend, The Stranglers, Hall and Oates: These are the three most played tapes in our tour van. Aliens, sex, punk strangulation and blue-eyed soul — it's all fuel for the fire.

3. Bucket of Blood Saloon: I love ghost towns and old West towns, and try to visit as many of them as I can while out on the road. Having drinks in the Bucket of Blood Saloon in Virginia City, Nev., is always a dark kind of fun.

2. The Devil: Love him or leave him, hell, I don't even believe in him. Not literally at least. Metaphorically speaking though, he's everywhere, including many of my songs.

1.Tom Waits, Real Gone: Two more words — real good.


Saturday, April 22, at The Belmont, 10215 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck; 313-871-1966; with Old Empire, the Phage, and Liquid Mojo.

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