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Koufax's MESS OF sing-song garage, new wave and chamber pop was seamless on last year's Hard Times Are in Fashion. If you're looking for touchstones, think the Walkmen, though Koufax ain't as quirky and "rock" harder. After sweeping the room for bugs, singer- guitarist Robert Suchan shared his pressing paranoias, er, monomanias.

5. Alex Jones and David Icke: Truth is so much stranger than fiction in these brave new times; Bohemian Grove and the oddness surrounding it can be found at infowars.com. Even odder yet, David Icke articulately leads one to believe in reptoids. Get Illuminized!

4. George Noory — Coast to Coast AM: A late-night program that sometimes offers goofy UFO stuff, but lately has been focusing more on the tyrannical misdoings of the current administration, as well as the documented proof of Big Brother well on his way.

3. Orwell and Huxley wordplay: Army generals actually campaigning to have people accept being microchipped, surveillance society at an all-time high, doublespeak legislation (Healthy Forest Act, No Child Left Behind, Operation Iraqi Freedom), and now the drug companies are pushing for forced psychological testing in schools.

2. A League of Gentlemen (Series 1) DVD: Although the above remarks might indicate otherwise, this keeps me sane.

1. Milan Kundera — The Book of Laughter and Forgetting. This encompasses every emotion every person should ever feel.


6:30 p.m., Monday, Feb. 6, at Michigan Union Ballroom, 530 State St., Ann Arbor; 734-764-2330.

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