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Bob Mould played Minneapolis a while ago, and, arriving a day early, caught Neil Young there. He recounted Young’s show later: “I was ready to yell, ‘Hey, Neil, are you gonna buy that guitar?’” Mould is better fit to comment than most. With Sugar and Hüsker Dü, he authored one of the most emulated guitar sounds of the last 25 years. Here, Mould gives up his monomanias before splitting on a Euro tour:

5. Kwai Chang Caine: It’s a big world and I like to try different places. It’s fun to reset sometimes. That’s the beauty of being self-employed, finding the groove and working it. Then something comes up and suddenly I’m living in Berlin, going, ‘How’d that happen?’”

4. Me and the boys: This rehearsal is the final test run, because we don’t get a sound check on our next gig — we appear at a festival in Ireland. Today is sort of speak now, or whatever.

3. Broken Flowers: I’d like to see the latest Bill Murray movie. I love how and where Bill Murray’s career has taken him, like Lost in Translation, that really laconic sort of nature.

2. Internet Radio? I’ve been listening to KEXP nonstop. It’s a public radio station out of Seattle (KEXP.org), and is the best morning sound track. I like that they put electronic stuff up next to the big guitar stuff next to whatever. Their aesthetic sits really well with where I’m at.

1. Bat out of hell: I went on a cooking jag this weekend. And meat loaf is something that’s easy to make in bulk, especially in summer. If you’re going to turn the oven on, you might as well make a lot of food.


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