Head Cheese

Oct 12, 2005 at 12:00 am

You know the Demolition Doll Rods, and here’s a DDR offshoot, a wonderfully chaotic pro-women, pro-soul, pro-ass rap-grind called Lil’ Miss Led and the Pussy Patrol. It features an afro-headed Danny Doll Rod rapping (?!), manning bass synth and beat-box, while comely Margaret Doll Rod raps, sings and shimmies ass. Here’s their pussy-powered bootymanias:

5) Booty Universe: You hear people talking about what’s goin’ on in this country, you hear people talking about what’s goin’ on in that country. That this person is better at this because they’re from this place, or that person is better at that because they’re from that place. That people should kill people, because they are from this place. That this person should have more money, because they’re from that place. What I notice is that no matter where you’re from, where you’re at, or where you’re going to, we all got the booty.

4) Booty Power: People think that money’s power, people think that a car is power, people think that weapons are power. People are willing to give away exactly who they are, their dreams, their souls, for power, and they ain’t takin’ none of it with them when they leave this place. How much pleasure does it all bring anyway? What we could realize in the right here and the right now is that the power is in your ass, fill it with love and let it take you first-class.

3) Booty Love: Treat it with love and respect, and I’m tellin’ you people, that’s just what you’ll get!

2) Booty Music: What are you shakin’, your ass or your ears?

1) Booty Health: This is your ass, people, don’t let just anybody handle it.


Friday, Oct. 14, at the 2500 Club, 2506 Park Ave., corner of Henry, Detroit; 313-962-9077.

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