Head cheese

Oct 5, 2005 at 12:00 am

MC Chris is a droll product of ’80s culture, right in there with Weebles and Star Wars. As a Jersey kid, he rapped basement punk shows, and later at CBGB. His nutty, shrill raps got him involved in several Adult Swim shows, including SeaLab 2021 (as Hesh). He was so freaked the day we caught him — having just made Time magazine — he could barely do his monomanias.

5. Got Food? Is Corpse Bride modeled after Angelina Jolie? Maybe it’s hip, all these emaciated girls. The Red Cross has already been sent to Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie’s house. But, frankly, all the aid is being sucked out of Courtney Love’s butt, so there’s no real loss.

4. Geek freak: I’ve been reading up on some gaming I did as a kid, like Space Quest and Colonel Quest. I played all the Kings Quest games while listening to A Tribe Called Quest when I was learning to rap. I was training myself subconsciously for the rap-ocalypse

3. Soap down: I went to Bed Bath & Beyond today to buy towels — we’ve been using T-shirts — and as I was checking out I saw [swimsuit model] Bridget Hall, dressed down in a ponytail, T-shirt, pajama bottoms and flip-flops. She still looked really hot.

2. Idiot Wind: I’ve been reading Dylan’s Chronicles, and the book’s second part is about him trying to overcome being pigeonholed. I just got pigeonholed as the poster boy for Nerdcore in Time, so I can relate.

1. Oh, happy day: Tom Delay, indicted. The opposite of riots are happening in the streets. Everyone is giving high-fives. “We Are the Champions” is in the background.


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