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The term “melodic hardcore” has become a misnomer of late, with so many bands failing at either or both parts of that equation, often sounding like a pop-punk band in the midst of a weeklong meth binge, or Carcass doing Poison on mood elevators.

Boston’s A Wilhelm Scream carries on the hardcore heritage of Beantown bands like Gang Green, with vocals that veer from Oi!-ish shout-alongs to impassioned singing reminiscent of early emo. While the rhythms are hardcore, the guitar sound harks back to the crispy, chugga-chugga of old school Cali punk. While many try unsuccessfully to blend such elements, A Wilhelm Scream finds the proper balance. We cornered singer Nuno Pereira for his five monomanias this week:

5. Road Buddies. We’ve got some great tours lined up — we’ll be hooking up with Pennywise for the first time. I grew up listening to those guys — they got me into this music; they were on repeat in the CD. And after that it’s Strung Out, who are a lot of fun.

4. Propagandhi’s new album. It’s been in the works for a while. I’m dying to get my hands on it. I think they’re the best band in the world. I listen to their records and learn what a shithead I am.

3. [Insert New Product Here]. The record just came out, and we just got our first-week numbers. Hopefully we’re on our way to MTV and million-dollar mansions. [Insert smirk here].

2. Is it 4:20? Weed is pretty constantly on my mind. Well, maybe not so much my mind — I mention it to our tour manager, Ray, and he usually takes care of it. He’s our ‘go-to’ guy.”

1. Bleeding Red. I’m pretty concerned the Red Sox only have a game and a half lead on the Yankees. That weighs heavily on my mind, particularly the bullpen and [Curt] Schilling.

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