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Not to get all overwrought on your ass, but Oneida is a piquant gumbo of influences, from Krautrock to spasmodic new wave, topped with a fuzzed-out ’60s garage-blues sassafras. When guitarist Papa Crazy bailed in 2001, the band transformed further. Its subsequent albums as a trio kicked the heady psychedelic and experimental aspects into gear. Bedroom grooves settle into the songs’ nooks and crannies recalling such investigational artists as Can, the Fall and Brainiac. OK, so broad genre delineations can’t define this band’s idiosyncrasies, but its latest, The Wedding, takes yet another turn exploring — here we go — baroque pop-psychedelia. Singer-keyboardist “Fat Bobby” Matador admits that much of its winning din isn’t “super palatable at first listen compared to what’s out there.” Yeah, but neither was Captain Beefheart’s. Speaking to MT on his birthday, Matador’s monomanias concern the ideal ways to celebrate.

5. Fugitive bling: Drinking Champagne on the roof of the tallest building in town until security or cops intervene; then continuing on the roof of the second-tallest building in town.

4. Castaway vigilante: Building a giant ocean-going raft out of salvaged lumber and stolen construction refuse, and abandoning it in the yard of an unfriendly neighbor. Attention to detail is paramount.

3. Motor out the jams: Driving really fast on rural Midwestern back roads in a convertible with a broken roof, racing thunderclouds.

2. Oh, how Bacchanalian: In a boat on a river, drifting with the current, watching birds circling overhead while fishing without bait.

1. How’s that again: In a hammock with a couple bottles of homemade ginger beer in an ice bucket, a ukulele and a bowl of grapes.


Appears Friday, Aug. 19, at the 2500 Club (2500 Park Ave., Detroit; 313-962-9077) with Kinski.

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