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Aquarius Void’s Ross Westerbur ain’t as sweet as he looks. But for fans who like their rock ’n’ roll music boulder-grade — that’s a very good thing. A four-eyed, mild-mannered university math teacher by day, banshee-vocalin’, keyboard-assaultin’ front man by night, Westerbur’s wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing peculiarity is the stuff of Motor City legend. He used to loosen molars with his stoner rock outfit, 500 Feet of Pipe, but these days, Westerbur writes songs that can make die-hard Kyuss fans weep and Fu Manchu lovers soil their jeans. So it’s not just frothy verbiage when we say his stage show (well, Aquarius Void’s) is, in a word ... outrageous. Here are Mr. Westerbur’s five monomanias of the week.

5. Hang up and drive: Not just good advice, but a way of life.

4. Myspace.com: Oh, you have 143 friends? I guess you’re not a loser after all.

3. Larouche Youth Movement: Guys, quit calling me. Rock ’n’ roll was not created by evil geniuses as a means of crushing the spirit of the masses so as to make them more readily oppressed.

2. Analog snobbery: Two-inch 24-track? Pffff. Everyone knows the real shit was recorded on Edison cylinders.

1. Eminent domain: Don’t get too comfy.


Aquarius Void performs Friday, July 8, at the Lager House (1254 Michigan Ave., Detroit; 313-961-4668) with Bad Wizard and the Nice Device; and Saturday, July 16, at the Fourth Street Fair , located at Fourth and Holden Streets in Detroit's Cass Corridor. Send comments to [email protected]

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