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Swedish singer Ebbot Lundberg began his career fronting Stooges-inspired Union Carbide Productions, whose brutal riff attack (with spates of free-jazz skronk) on their 1987 debut, In The Air Tonight, may be the closest anyone has come to actually nicking the thunder of the first two Stooges albums. But by the 1992 Steve Albini-produced Swing, UCP had lost the fury. With UCP guitarists Ian Person and Björn Olsson in tow, Lundberg founded The Soundtrack of Our Lives to meld a free-spirited, Love-inspired psychedelica with the power-chord rumble of pre-Tommy Who. TSOOL’s first three releases got much head from critics and in January they released their best, Origin 1. Here Lundberg gives up his five monomanias this week:

5. Why Am I Here? I’m trying to find the purpose why I entered this planet at this time. That’s the quizzle.

4. It’s Sunday, So This Must Be Detroit: I will see the venue, and think this is a good place, or this place sucks, and try to put something together that will change the vibe.

3. Meaning? [When you write] you’re subconsciously trying to express something that has to do with what is going on, and you’re trying to find the most interesting way to express it. I like to be very cryptic.

2. Timelessness: This whole thing is about trying to do something really timeless. Like let’s carve this in gold and diamond — this will last. The worst thing is to listen to something you did seven years ago and feel, ‘man, this sucks, really bad.’

1. The Next Album: We’re still working on Origin II. That’s what we do when we’re not wasted.


The Soundtrack of Our Lives appears Sunday, March 27, at the Magic Stick (4120 Woodward Ave., Detroit: 313-833-9700).

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