Head Cheese

Troy Gregory’s songwriting and multi-instrumentalist skills have made him D-town’s Man in Black, and his integrity has ensured that he still fights to cover his mortgage. This sonic Svengali — best known for the Witches — here talks up his beautiful little headfuck he calls Troy Gregory and the Stepsisters: Imagine, if you will, a ’60s pulp version of a Robert Palmer video, or some shit like that.

Gimmick: Some people actually had the nerve to think that I would get myself an all-female band for some type of “gimmick.” If I was going to put the time and effort into a gimmick, it would involve Dr. Phibes, automatons, vampire light sabers, miles of papier-mâché, talking flying animal parts, hypnotism, SXSW.

Teri Lynn: She lugs an amp half her size after work through the slush into her shitty car, has a rehearsal or a show every night with one of her three bands that make her pretty much no money. She will sock a boy if she gotta and knows how to belly dance like it’s karate.

Mary Alice: In Hamtramck with her giant stuffed giraffe playing ABBA on a crummy piano in a Moog T-shirt and lace skirt. Born and raised in downtown Detroit and is not afraid of the Nain Rouge, but Mick Collins is. Finds unicorns in the sewer.

Noelle Christine: She can read Kool-Aid powder as if they were tea leaves, is the great-great-excellent-granddaughter of the woman that invented the man who invented Kiss two hundred years before they were even a band. Hates crowded people, rude elevators. She will sock a man if she gotta and knows how to cook like it’s alchemy.


Friday at the Lager House (1254 Michigan Ave., Detroit; 313-961-4668) with Outrageous Cherry.

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