Head Cheese

Feb 16, 2005 at 12:00 am

What can be said about the Sights, arguably Detroit’s best rock ’n’ roll band?

After countless couch-crashing tours filled with boozy, loose-limbed gyrations and lascivious leers, adoration for the trio is getting thick — a chick-heavy UK fan base says International Bright Young Thing status is fast approaching. But remember it’s not all coifs and cheekbones with the Sights — there’s integrity at work. They’ve blown high-profile gigs ’cause they could give two shits about what music biz weasels were in the crowd; they’ve told career-making producers to piss off; and they don’t bow to tired music industry marketing expectations. And we love ’em for it. Also, Eddie Baranek, the effervescent and borderline effete frontman, who’s songwriting can be as unhinged as classic Humble Pie but still as infectious as a beer-swilling porch song, has a musical wisdom far beyond his years. Note that the Sights third hook-bloated album (their major-label debut) is out in April. Here Baranek hat-tips his five fave bands of the week.

5. Bob Dylan John Wesley Harding: Best Dylan LP? “Dear Landlord.” Amen.

4. The Hentchmen — Best live band, ever.

3. The FiggsBanda Macho (Capitol): From 1996. Amazing songs, production, etc. And, yet, no one will hear it.

2. The Hard Lessons — Soon to be out full-length: Best new band. The attitude, that voice and a guitar player who can actually play guitar.

1. The Rants — Unreleased full-length record: Best record I’ve heard in a long time. Best when listened to on headphones while jogging. Someone put this record out. I’ll love you.


Friday, Feb. 18, at the Magic Bag (22930 Woodward Ave., Ferndale; 248-544-3030) with the Muggs and the Rioteers.

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