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Warn Defever is one-half of the brains behind the ever-evolving Times Stereo Records and the leader of schizo R&B-dub-electro outfit His Name is Alive. Cognescenti attest that he has also produced some of the finest music to come out of Detroit in the past 10 years and his funky downtown recording studio, Brown Rice, is the place to lay it down. When asked to give the MT his top five list of the week, Defever opted instead to harp on the "top fives" he would not be writing about. Enjoy … we did.

Top five up-and-coming potholes to watch for in 2005.

Top five suggestions I have given to Jack White regarding the White Stripes that he did not take, including getting Sissy Spacek to star in the Loretta Lynn video.

Top five local rockers who died last year from heroin-related accidents.

Top five reasons I got fired during the Iggy and the Stooges demo sessions.

Top five song title suggestions I gave to Iggy and the Stooges that they did not take, including: "No Shirt," "Raw Powers" and "Stooges Reunion."

Top five unclaimed names for Detroit garage-style bands, including The Broke-ups, The Detroit Snakes, The Stinks and The Australians.

Top five places to see a DJ that aren’t sushi bars or Irish pubs.

Top five things of great value you leave in your car if you want someone to break your window and steal your stuff. Highlights include: A piece of paper, some string, a bottlecap and matches.

Top five bands in Detroit that complain that they’re more popular in England than their own hometown.

Top five new bands that are better than the MC5, Bob Seger System, the Gories, Stevie Wonder, Griot Galaxy or DREXCIYA (there aren’t any).


His Name is Alive will perform on Thursday, Jan. 27, at Oslo, 1456 Woodward Ave., Detroit; 313-963-0300.

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