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Hands down, Minx is one of the baaaddest female DJs in Detroit. Raised on a mixture of Chicago’s house and Detroit’s techno scenes, this fetching DJ — and founder of an area distaff DJ collective called Women on Wax — has a no-bullshit approach to music. She’s collaborated with Jerry the Cat, Richie Hawtin and Kevin Saunderson, and helped spawn the early careers of Magda and DJ Colette among others. She’s well-liked overseas too. Her “Fuzzy Navel” 12-inch on Third Ear (UK) drops in January. Here are Minx’s 5 monomanias of the week.

5. News: The Problem Solvers on the news have a dangerous job. I hope that one day they don’t run into the wrong person chasing them with the microphone and camera. They can sure embarrass your butt.

4. E-mail: If I get one more e-mail forwarded to me that ends with “If you don’t send this to 13 people, your toe will fall off in as many hours,” I’m gonna vomit. I also can do without the e-mails forwarded to you by people that can’t respond to a question you’ve sent them a month prior.

3. Family: “What was that noise?” My husband responds, “That was the floor boards creakin’,” only after he leaves the living room and all the plants begin to wilt.

2. Trance Music: Hellll no. I got my earplug supply ready — want a pair?

1. Food: I’ll take a vegetarian dish over a piece of meat any day of the year. Pork and red meat? Uh-uhhhh.


Performs New Year’s Eve with Shortround, John Arnold, Kevin Reynolds, Teddie and Cent at Tangent Gallery (715 E. Milwaukee, Detroit; 313-873-2955).

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