Head cheese

Dec 8, 2004 at 12:00 am

This dude called Lyfe ain’t afraid to take chances. After spending a decade in the slammer, the twentysomething, Toledo-born singer-songwriter took a leap of faith. He made a jailhouse vid of himself crooning and sent it to the judges at the Apollo Theater. In return, Lyfe received a handwritten invite to perform. Just days after his prison release, the guitar-strumming vocalist was in Harlem to face the world’s toughest audience. Now, this five-time winner from “Showtime at the Apollo,” and Sony Urban Music’s newest artist, is hitting Detroit for a night of redemptive folk-rap. And if you think this poet/thug harmonizer has forgotten his ill-spent youth, think again. Dude spends his downtime on tour speaking to youth groups about his gnarly experiences in the clink and on the streets. It’s a noble attempt to raise consciousness and karma. And, oh, yeah, pick up his debut Lyfe 268-192 (named after his prison number) ’cause it really is heavy with hard-won soul. He ain’t a fake. Here’s Lyfe’s monomanias of the week:

5. My New Year’s Resolution is to write the sequel to the movie Set it Off.

4. Message to Lil’ Jon: How many more crunk albums can we listen to?

3. Hey Jay-Z, speak for yourself. I got 99 Problems and a bitch is one.

2. Laziness: I wanna have a lot of kids so I won’t ever have to do any chores.

1. Why doesn’t deodorant come in different flavors?


Appears Sunday, Dec. 12, at the Shelter (431 Congress, Detroit; 313-961-MELT).

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