Head cheese

Dec 1, 2004 at 12:00 am

Electronic sound-hound darkcube from the Detroit Techno Militia might scare the musical shits out of you. Darkcube’s brand of techno ain’t for the faint; it’s dark, fast and, according to Eminem, outdated. ’Cube and crew have been assaulting ears at raves, house parties and clubs for several years with their DIY, Underground Resistance approach to techno. And they’ve been gaining odd fans and basically living outside of the box. Slightly infatuated with the mid-’80’s militaristic approach to underground music, darkcube’s liable to be packing a piece behind the decks while thumbing through DJ Rolando records. According to darkcube, the DTM is set to “crack skulls” at their biweekly residency at Foran’s Irish Pub. Here are darkcube’s five monomanias of the moment.

5. Wishbone chicken: I’ve loved you since I was a wee lad.

4. Glitch/microhouse: Less “I,” more “DM.” What’s with all of the stroking going on?

3. The IT industry: Although your paychecks fund my musical endeavors, working for you has made me even closer to my good friends, Jack Daniels and Alprazolam.

2. Indie/pop/emo bullshit: I bet you kids get beat up twice as much now as those idiots still hanging onto their Kikwears and glow sticks.

1. The insurance racket: I’m under 25, I’m buying a new car in the coming weeks, and, believe me, anal fisting has never hurt so bad.


Detroit Techno Militia performs Thursday, Dec. 2, at Foran’s Irish Pub (612 Woodward Ave., Detroit; 313-961-3043).

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