Head cheese

Nov 17, 2004 at 12:00 am

DJ Graffiti is the self-proclaimed underground mixtape king of Michigan. A lofty proclamation, sure, but one rooted in truth. Graffiti knows the rap game. But he ain’t your everyday vinyl hound; dude’s got somethin’ to fall back on. The University of Michigan Business School grad (and intellectual property attorney) is moving forward with his LLC, Rapture Enterprises, which does marketing and consulting for moneyed clients such as Scion, Sony Music and General Motors and others. But don’t write him off as a budding suit-bedecked, cigar-chomper just yet — he may spend more time on business proposals than the average DJ, but Graffiti still puts out classic mixtapes year round. His newest, Strictly 4 My Spittaz, drops just after Thanksgiving. Here are Graffiti’s five monomanias of the week:

5. It’s confirmed, I’m officially addicted to Real World and The Surreal Life. Flava Flaaaaaaav!

4. What is happening to the hip-hop scene? I’m not sure if it’s the economy or times are just changing, but quality nights are dropping like flies.

3. Why is the Linkin Park/Jay-Z collaboration so much more enjoyable than the Best of Both Worlds Pt. 2?

2. The thought of a black market for abortions is very scary.

1. Four more years of W. You can’t be serious. I think I’m moving to Canada.


DJ Graffitti perfoms Sunday, Nov. 21, as part of ELEVATION (aka The Chill Lounge) at the Firefly (207 S. Ashley, Ann Arbor; 734-665-9090) with the Reciprocals Crew. Hosted by Jax of Now On.

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